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Leaders In Access Design Innovation and Quality

SkyWorkers is widely recognised as a leader in scaffold innovation and quality. Through precision engineering and the latest in scaffolding technology, SkyWorkers has become the company of choice for temporary works innovation, design and delivery.

We believe we offer a unique approach to our customers and employees alike. We partner with you in harnessing the vision and talents of ordinary people to provide extra-ordinary access solutions to extra-ordinary projects.

Our diverse capability enables us to operate across all market sectors and regions and, more importantly, work with and learn from world-class organisations. With experience on major development and construction projects across civil, commercial, remedial and infrastructure sectors, we are able to transfer knowledge, people and best practice to solve the project in hand.

We constantly challenge convention which enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry. From the first meeting to last handshake, we are committed to the safety of your project and providing an access solution with a clear benefit to the bottom line. We are truly excited by the capability that SkyWorkers affords its delivery partners and look forward to being of service on your next project.


Safety and Quality Focussed

We’re passionate about innovating the way our industry operates.

SkyWorkers is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in all projects we undertake. The safety of our employees, fellow contractors and the public is paramount to achieving this level of quality.

We have management systems in place as well as stringent accreditation procedures that each member of the SkyWorkers family is not only aware of, but focused on as the most forthright consideration when any task is undertaken.

From delivery to completion, SkyWorkers will work with their partners to ensure the project is successful in providing a workplace that is safe for all involved.


Products and Services

SkyWorkers derives capability from the experience of our team, the range of products available to us and an ability to bring convention from the complex.

Design & Engineering

At SkyWorkers we put the highest of emphasis on the quality, safety and efficiency of our designs.

To achieve this, we ensure the right people are given the tools they need to produce the industry changing results that set SkyWorkers apart from others. Whilst we have access to the most high-tech material available in the temporary works market, it is our know-how and the ability to conceive, what may have previously be seen as impossible, efficient and time saving realities, that give us an edge.

We allow our design and engineering department access to state of the art software. We encourage a hands-on approach with our team “at the coalface” breeding a culture of cooperation and unity where all parties gain from each other’s experience and expertise.

Finally, but most significantly, our engineers are all sensitive to the importance of our ethos “safety by design”. By this, we believe we can eliminate hazards at installation phase by “designing out” concepts that require high risk activities.

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